tropical sunset view through trees, from a cement tile patio, colours of orange, yellow, peach, purple and greens and reds in the foliage
Ocean view at sunset in June

This is our home away from home. Our clubhouse

When we first saw this place, we couldn’t stop dreaming about possibilities…

Colleen Costello, owner

Jenn Sunset had the same visions I did, when first walking up to this house. The adrenaline of the steep, rocky, unrelenting driveway contrasted sharply against the tranquility felt upon arrival, after the motor shuts off. Breath deep and get your bearings while looking down over the lush valley and off towards the ocean in the distance.

The jungle is a living being. It drives us to live in the moment and never forget it is a wild thing. You will start to hear birds everywhere, and will run out to see them. You will be feasted on by insects that you barely notice and startled by harmless ones that are bigger than you’ve ever seen. You will learn quickly to be wary of uncut trails and grabbing for unseen handholds. You will find strength in your legs, so you don’t need to use your hands for balance, and strength in your mind to weather issues unprecedented in northern life. Humidity will be the new weather you complain about, your electronics will need more care, and your skin will look great.

This piece of property, interestingly located in in the mountains of Perez Zeledon, near Tinamaste, half way between the ocean of Dominical and the city of San Isidro, sits on the side of a hill, on over 3 acres of land, with a mixture of raw and cultivated jungle life. It’s currently only accessible by car, which must have 4 wheel drive and a brave soul behind the wheel.

The little house on the hill